Hi Elena,
Thank you again for doing such a beautiful job with Leah’s hair and make up for her wedding on 4/17/12. She looked absolutely stunning!  The ceremony on the beach was lovely and a wonderful event for all.  You had requested a picture, so I’ve attached a few here.  Sorry it has taken a bit of time to get them to you.  I took the wedding pictures on Leah’s camera and then they went on to Bahamas (with her camera of course) so we arrived home with a wait for getting our hands any wedding pictures.
I wanted to explain what an emotionally joyful day it was for me.  Leah was in a bad car accident several years ago.  She had severe head injuries including bleeding in the brain and was in a coma for several days. (and also a large scar on the right side of her head that was repaired by an outstanding plastic surgeon, not sure if you may have noticed that or not.)  We didn’t know for several days whether she would make it and if so, what her condition may be.  She does very well, but required PT on and off for a couple years and even now when muscle injuries flare up.  She also has some organizing and memory issues at times. It would be nice at times to know whether these are personality or head injury related, but it doesn’t really matter, we love her regardless!  It’s been several years, but as a mother, it is an experience you never forget.  Knowing how close we came to no future for her, we could not be more delighted on celebrating her wedding day.
(If medical issues are not for you, please don’t open the last picture here.  I’ve shared a picture of when she was in the hospital.  I insisted on taking a couple because if she woke up and was OK, I wanted her to see this sometime down the road in her recovery, so she would understand why I might be a bit overprotective going forward.  I hope, if you are a mother, this is not something you should ever have to experience.)
Thanks again for all you did to make her day extra special!