Bridal Trends 2013.

1. For a traditional bride, what hairstyle trends are you seeing as popular for spring and summer 2013?
One mistake brides make? They choose busy hair, a busy dress and busy hair ornaments. Hair can be simple, yet unforgettable. The perfect bridal look is no longer a Cinderella dress with a shiny tiara and neat bun ( although it can be). This days, women are choosing from lots of options.
Up dos are formal. This is for a bride who wants elegance all the way from her dress to a venue.
Popular styles are low chignon, or a ponytail or a classic French twist. For an up do that does not look too conservative I would recommend the look that pairs formality of the classic seam with undone texture.
The most beautiful silhouette is a soft triangle – a wide base and narrow top. In photography it looks lovely.
Down styles can be just as formal and beautiful as an up dos. If the bride has longer hair, she can opt for sum up and sum down, which adds a bit of sexy to her look. I love when brides wear their hair down, pulled back slightly on one side on one side and secured with a vintage pin or a flower. This look can be both demure and glamorous.
2. For a modern bride, what hairstyle trends are you seeing as popular for spring and summer 2013
Tousled Beach Beauty is a trend. An effortless look for a natural beauty with hair that got wave. This style is just right for the bride who wants to embrace her organic side.
Sum dramatic bridal looks may range from avant-garde to adding colored extensions to match the color scheme. Often we use extensions to add length and volume to the hair.
 For an outdoor or beach weddings, a casual look is always the best. My favorite looks include loose beachy waves or a sleek straight style. They can be dressed up with a natural flowers or brides choice of accessories. Braids are continuing to be popular this season. Understated Elegance is certainly a hot trend this days. Less is more fill, which sometimes perfectly suits a modern bride sensibility.
3. Any tricks to help brides keep their hair looking flawless throughout the day?
Find  the ideal hairdresser. Just because your hairdresser is great with cut and color, doesn’t mean she’s skilled in the art of dressing hair,so research salons that specialize in bridal hair.
If you want your hair to last from the ceremony to the party. Let your stylist know if you will be exposed to wind or humidity. and consider wether it holds  a curl or wave so it won’t wilt. Does your head perspire easily when you’re hot or flustered? All this considerations will determine not  only your hairstyle, but also what products will do the job.
Budget wisely. Think about what you’re paying for your shoes and your bouquet-isn’t your hair more important? A great hairstyle can make or break your confidence on a big day, so invest well.