Language of love / wedding in Key West , Smathers beach

April 5, 2016

Blog by Forever After

 If you spoke three languages, which one would you chose to say “Till death do us apart?” Is there a language in which word “Love” has a deeper meaning? Rene and Flo are truly cosmopolitan couple. They speak English, German and French. Couple met 11 years ago in Hawaii, traveled all over the world to include Siberia and decided to get married in Key West. How is that for exiting life? Rene and Flo share passion for travel and been to most beautiful places. They both dreamed about tropical wedding and agreed that they wanted to get married only in Key West. Key West is a great place to have a small private wedding ceremony. If you only have two attendees, bride and groom, beach wedding is an ideal setting.  Flo’s wedding dress traveled across three continents: from Europe to South America to United States. Bride opted for real flowers in her hair and for beautiful bouquet with white orchids. The ceremony was in English but couple read their personal vows in German. It was meaningful and magical to see how two great adventurers started a family in Key West.

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 Wedding by – Big Day in Key West company

 Photographer – Julia Roy Photography

Officiant – Tatiana Lynn

 Blog by – Forever After KW