Since you choose your gown first, wedding hairstyles should be carefully selected to mesh with the design and cut of your dress. This may seem like common sense, but it’s hard to be objective when you fall in love with a hairstyle that just doesn’t quite suit your gown. But considering your wedding day will include hundreds (if not thousands) of photographs, you don’t want to look back at your pictures and wonder, “What was I thinking?!”

Here she explains which wedding hairstyles best complement all different dress types, so that you can decide which look is best for you — and your wedding gown.

The Classic Gown

“Traditional,” “elegant,” do these words describe you? If so you’ll probably end up wearing a classic wedding gown, with simple, clean lines and not a lot of embroidery or embellishment. The necklines for this style typically follow the collarbone, like a Bateau, or show a bit more skin on top with a Queen Anne or portrait neckline (think Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday). Grmolyes says a bride who selects this dress type should wear her hair up and off of her face, either swept into a simple bun or timeless French twist. Because this dress type is usually simple, she also recommends adding a hair accessory to your style. Her one warning: Get many opinions from others (and take plenty of test photos) to make sure the accessory looks right before deciding to wear it.


The Classic Gown: Bateau Neckline

Sleek high bun is the perfect complement to a classic gown and it lets your face take center stage. A bride has to remember that pictures start as soon as she gets ready and continue ’till the last dance and that there will be lots of hugs and touching. So a style that will stay in place flawlessly throughout the day and night is an ideal choice for a polished, ladylike look. If your dress doesn’t have any embellishments on it, try adding a jeweled clip onto the side of the bun, or slip on a simple headband to up the elegance factor.

The Romantic Gown:

Consider these gowns poetry in dress form. Flowy flourishes, soft, billowing fabrics, tulle, ruffles, lace –sound good? If so, keep in mind that the necklines tend to show some skin, either via a sweetheart or scoop neckline, and most importantly, if you choose to wear a dress like this, it should garner all of the attention. Keep the hairstyle simple, the idea is to look dreamy, with hair loose or to choose a style that is soft and sweet. “Too much hairstyling can quickly take away from your dress,” and if you’ve chosen a dress like this, you want it to steal the show.

Sweetheart or strapless neckline:

Bare shoulders allow you to let your hair flow free.. Messy curls are effortlessly gorgeous and because they fall above the neckline, they show off pretty collarbones and draw your eyes straight to the bust line and dress. The most important thing is to be comfortable on your big day, and choosing a style you’ve worn many times before will prevent you from worrying about your hair.

Scoop neck:

If you’re a sugary-sweet romantic bride, simple, low side ponytail will look perfect. It’s an easy look that’ll keep all eyes on what’s going on below your neckline, since the long pony draws immediate attention to the dress. If your hair isn’t as long , try adding a ponytail extension.

Modern Gown:

If you love standing out in a crowd and going against the norm, a modern gown with asymmetrical lines and unique embellishments is perfect for you. These dresses tend to have strong necklines that plunge deep down the chest or high necklines with lots of detail. The best hairstyles to wear with these dresses are ones that look simple, even though they may NOT be, they are so clean that it at least appears that way. With modern dresses, the bride can also play with mixing style eras, like coupling a retro hairstyle with a trendy gown. Feel free to break the rules if you’re wearing a modern gown.

High neckline:

Because your neck is not visible in this dress style, adding height to your hair is important — it ensures that your head doesn’t look swallowed by the dress. The added inches will also elongate your body. And because adding height to your hair always calls for a lot of hairspray , have your maid of honor carry around a little emergency kit, complete with strong-hold spray and a ton of bobby pins. You are going to be hugged A LOT, so make sure you’re prepared for what that might do to your hair!

Bohemian Casual Gown:

If your wedding venue is the beach or a garden, then a flowy, ethereal gown with soft lines and sweet details is perfect for you. A casual or bohemian dress is usually accompanied by sandals and soft, natural-looking hair. The style for these hippy-like dresses can span from spaghetti straps with an empire waist to slim fitting silhouettes with loose v-necks. pretty waves or loose, imperfect updo’s for brides desiring a laidback look — something to match the feel of the gown and your surroundings.

The Bohemian Casual Gown: V-neckline

Long, tousled waves look relaxed and gorgeous with a deep v-neck dress. Hair that looks “earthy” and free-flowing really complements a bride that wants to look natural on her wedding day. Don’t have long hair? You can still wear beachy waves.

We hope that this post will help our future Brides choose the best hairstyle that will compliment their dress and lifestyle!


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