There’s nothing wrong with faking it at your own wedding. And, yes, we are talking about your hair.Wedding days are supposed to feel magical and idyllic, with you, the bride-to-be feeling the center of attention, the center of the universe, and, basically, just about the most beautiful woman in the world. One way to go about this is to opt for hair extensions. If you feel your hair is too fine, or is simply lacking that added ‘wow’ factor, then extensions are probably your best bet at looking just the way you’ve always dreamed of looking. Yet, at the same time, extensions are not something to take lightly. When done wrong, they can damage your hair or – worse, still – make your hairdo look fake and unnatural.

Hair Extensions for WeddingsThat’s why we’re bringing you expert advice, from our in-house extension stylist extraordinaire,Elena Southcott, of the Casa Salon Hair Salon in Key West. She’s got all the in-sight and know-how on how to get you looking like a million dollars, not cheap and tawdry on your night of nights. Her philosophy is that extensions can enrich your range of hair styling possibilities – and here’s what she has to say about them.

Style with your gown in mind

When you go to your stylist to talk extensions for the first time, make sure they are up to speed with the style and color of your gown, as well as any other visual theme you may have planned for your wedding. Many brides tend to take it for granted that all they’re ‘allowed’ to do is opt for a classical swept-up bun. In fact, the choice is all yours and you’ve got a virtually limitless array of options at your disposal.

Ask for opinions

After you start getting some extensions in, whip out that camera or smartphone and take a few pictures. Show them to your groom, if you’re comfortable, your mother, brides mates, or to anyone whose opinion you trust. As you may have noticed (from tagged pictures of you on Facebook, for instance), styles tend to look different on camera than they do in real life. Picture-taking will also help you get used to what’s going to end up being a rather dramatic look change.

Go all natural

Pricing constraints will have some women believe that fake extensions are a viable option. In truth, Elena Southcott explains, they never really are. The problem with them lies in their very fabrication: they’re made of acrylic and plastic, which are dangerous to wear in more ways than one. For starters, they’re heavy and are never going to make your hair shine and bounce in a natural way. They’re only going to make it obvious to everyone that you’re wearing extensions. For another thing, they’re highly flammable. Picture this fiasco: you lacquer and hairspray them, then get an inch too close to a candle at church or the restaurant, and there goes your hair, up in flames. Much like your picture-perfect wedding, too.

Don’t cheap out

The above tips for choosing natural extensions also apply to your choice of salon. In a nutshell, it’s always best to go to a place on which you have references, and about whose quality you can be sure. Experienced extension stylists know how to best conceal your extensions, so that you get the best results in terms of added length and volume. They’re also skilled at picking the right color and texture hair for you – unlike so-called stylists with little experience, as well as various ‘clever’ DIY solutions.

Love your new style

Since you’re getting hitched, you probably already know a thing or two about love. The love, caring, and affection that your marriage requires is also something your extensions can use. Use soft bristle brushes to comb them. Use delicate and natural substances to treat them. And, most of all, enjoy them each and every single day!