Here at Casa Salon in Key West we love to keep on top of the fashion and hair trends of every season. Our clients always ask us “What’s new?” “What’s hot?” “What’s trendy?” “How can we update our hair and our look for this season, while keeping our own look and our own individuality?”For Winter2013/Spring 2014, the look is very sexy, very feminine, very classic, but saucy at the same time. The colors are vibrant, and yet rich and deep at the same time. Both of those kind of correlate with what’s going on in the hair world, as well; for the winter and spring seasons. 

With hair color, fiery red hair is very popular this season. Anything that’s bright and that pops, but yet rich and deep at the same time. If you’re a blonde, it seems that more of a golden blonde, something softer and richer, as far as the blonde tones go, have been prevalent on the runways and throughout the season. This goes hand-in-hand with the tones and the colors. The passion is very soft and flowing, but yet, somewhat structured at the same time. Waves have been huge, anything that is big and flowing and natural. Ponytails are a big thing going on, very sleek and sophisticated.

Fiery red colors, rich tones, very soft and sexy and full, or long, sleek ponytails are all hot this fall.

For the fall season trends for hairstyling, I would start with the precise ponytail. It’s a very achievable, easy look. You would start with your hair dry, and apply a little UNITE Liqua styling gel, and a little UNITE U Oil. And the ewe oil will break down the tackiness of the Liqua gel. All you need is a very common ponytail holder and a paddle brush. You would center the pony in the center of your head with a flat paddle brush. And you can finish that with a little U oil shine spray to make it look really shiny and pretty and sleek.

You’ve seen it on Demi Moore, very sleek, high and precise.

The second trend is blunt bangs. You’ve seen them on Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. Very retro, blunt style bangs. Mostly anyone can wear them, with any shape face. Just depending on if you have an oval or a heart-shaped face, we might cut them a little bit differently, leaving them a little more square if you have an oval shape, leaving them a little more rounded if you have a square face. They can be styled and re-styled the second day with a little 7-seconds Dry Shampoo. It’s very great for bangs to just kind of re-fluff them. And it just adds a little more sass to a style, by adding a fringe. It’s a quick way to change any hair cut.

Third style would be a retro bouffant. This is more of an evening look, but it’s very in and it adds a youthful flair. You’ve seen it on Rihanna. You would start off with some Dust Powder, at the top of your crown, up high and at the roots, back comb. Add a little shine gel to smooth out the back-combing; and finish it off and fasten it with bobby pins. You can add a headband, or a very pretty barrette. You can wear it half up, half down. You can wear it fully up in a bouffant with a pony tail.

Fiery red colors, rich tones, soft, sexy and full. Long, sleek ponytails, blunt bangs and a retro bouffant are all hot this fall.

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