Great news from Orlando.

Casa Salon is proud to announce about 7 place in  Bridal Up Do Competition at the Orlando Premiere Show.
These competitions showcase the skill and ingenuity of the beauty industry’s up-and-coming stars. PBA | NCA is proud to support such talented stylist. 
Stylists from all over meet up in Orlando every year for Premiere. It is an international beauty event!went to competition this year in Orlando. There were three categories to choose from in hair, Trend (cut, color, style), Bridal Up do, and Fantasy. 

Walking the show floor you probably are almost likely to see just about anything made out of hair. It is amazing to see the crazy things that stylists can really do to the hair, but there are many classes that stylist’s are able to take to further their knowledge and give their careers a boost. Times are always changing and stylists are always developing new products and tools to get us the latest trends! Now that this event is over look forward to your Key West stylists to be back flowing with endless creativity and inspiration.