Best Day of My Life!   posted 9/28/2012
Elena did an outstanding job. Its funny, because I had somewhat of a large wedding party needing hair done: Myself, 6 Bridesmaids, 2 Flower girls, and 2 mothers. And I even had fake eyelashes put on and makeup done. And we all needed to be ready by 1:30 for when the photographer was going to show up. And she informed me that she would be bringing others to help, and that they would be getting in around 11:00 to 11:30. And I told her I was nervous about only having 2 hours to have everyone done, because I have been in or part of so many wedding where everyone is waiting on the hairstylist to be done and they seem to always be the ones that end up breaking the timeline. But Elena assured me she would have no problems getting everyone done by than, and if anything the mothers could get done after the wedding party left. The day of: Elena and her help showed up 10:45am earlier than she told me, and she got everyone’s, I mean mothers and flower girls, etc done by 1:00pm. It was truly amazing the quality of work they did in such a short amount of time! We were actually waiting on the Photographer to show up so he could get shots of me getting my hair done. That wasn’t on the photographer because he wasn’t suppose to show up till 1:30. It was just that Elena was just that fast! And my Makeup and fake eye lashes were out of this world!!!! It really still looked like me, but just a better version 🙂 and for my hair I gave her somewhat of a direction on what I wanted, and she took it and made a masterpiece out of it. Went way beyond what I thought I wanted, and gave me the perfect hair for the perfect day! It seriously made the rest of my day so wonderful, when something at the start of the day goes so smoothly and I know if was all because of Elena and her staff. I would recommend her to everyone I could!!!! You will not go wrong booking her! Thanks again!
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